Disappearing Act

Here’s One of my short stories I wrote my senior year of High School. Please excuse the cheese-ball ending. ENJOY! 

The smell of antiseptic and doctors nearly gagged her. Elizabeth’s hazel eyes clouded over as she stared at the machines surrounding her best friend. Pounding on her head, the beeping monitors reminded Liz of what was to come. Why was this happening? “Why Luke, Lord?” Liz thought to herself.  Her best friend since kindergarten had been in a horrible car accident.  Pushing a rebellious brown hair out of her face, she tried not to cry.  When the doctors said that Luke had resurfaced from his coma she hoped that meant he was on his way to recovery. However, the amount of injuries and pressure on Luke’s body insured that he wouldn’t last through the night. Well, it seams that not even all her hopes and prayers could save her dearest companion.  Luke groaned, waking up from his fitful sleep.  His glassy eyes roamed Liz’s face leaving her in hiccupping sobs next to his bed.  Luke’s hand touched hers like a gentle whisper.  Could this really be the last time she would ever see him?

            “Hey,” he rasped, “What happened to my tough Lizzy?”  His words slipped between his teeth taking a little bit of life with them.  Liz smiled even though this was not a laughing matter.  Leave it to Luke to make her smile on his deathbed.

            “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you,” she choked out.  They shared a special bond and the two were inseparable, no matter what life threw at them.  Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.  Best friends for life, unfortunately, that was shorter then most.

            “I want you to have something,” Luke breathed.  His chest rose and fell to an uneven rhythm.  When Liz started to interrupt, Luke’s eyes squeezed in pain.  With the slightest movement he dropped his necklace into her hand.  “It,” he added softly, “was always meant for you.  Try not to miss me to much.”  The softest smile masked his pain for an instance.

            “I love you, Luke.” Liz said just as Luke fell back to sleep.  With Luke’s necklace burning against her flesh, she leaned over and kissed her friend on the forehead.  With a fresh tear running down her cheek she whispered softly, “Goodbye.”


Zachary’s pulse raced as he came up for air. “Hmm,” he thought with a Cheshire grin on his face. He loved it when he got his girl. “What was her name? Trisha or was it Melissa?” Zach asked himself. Oh well, it didn’t matter much to him. His green All Seeing Eye could find his next target from a mile away… literally. This prize had been especially sweet. Putting “what’s her name” away from him, Zach climbed out of his black sports car.

            “When will I see you again?” The Catch of the Day pouted with sultry lips. Zach’s slow smile and wink was the only reply she received from the Westside High School’s football star. With a new kick in his step, Zach strode down the halls toward his locker. Whoops and whistles echoed behind him as he passed. He ran his hands through his shaggy brown hair eyeing the cutie walking down the hall toward him. His sight lustfully trailed her as she passed, peeking inside her mind. Yup, she’d noticed him all right. And why wouldn’t she notice? Fingers dancing across the lock, Zach’s locker swung open with ease. Just then, a slight breeze seemed to drift down the hall carrying with it the smell of clean soap and silky shampoo. The clank of lockers and chatter swarmed as he tried to locate the owner. Two or three lockers down stood a girl, Liz, according to the decorated locker interior. Her doe eyes looked lost, even though she appeared about seventeen. Zach zeroed in on her to try and find out something about her he could use. Nothing. Funny, he must be tired after the big game and the awesome parties that followed. His gaze probed her face and landed on her necklace. A simple white gold chain with a circular medallion on the end, hanged loosely around her neck. The light reflected off the pendent almost baiting him to come closer. After his nap in history he’d make his move, but until then he’d watch her through the walls and around the corner with his mystical gift. Resolved in his mind, Zach slammed his locker shut and strutted toward class. The quiet ones always were a delicious challenge.

Taking a sigh of relief Liz closed her locker and set off at a steady clip. “Creep,” she thought. Even though he was cute, there was something about the way he looked at her that made Liz cringe. Almost like Zack, the I’m-so-hot-and-I-know-it jock, thought he owned her and every other girl at Westside. Just the picture of Zach’s green eyes in her mind sent a cold shiver down her spine. The high-pitched bell rang as she sat down at her desk. Without thinking Liz played with her necklace and sighed. “And another day begins,” she murmured softly to herself.

            “What did you say?” The blonde girl next to her asked, smacking her gum against her teeth. Gummy over here, had perfume that would make a skunk pass out.

            “Nothing.” Liz replied quickly, relieved when the girl leaned back taking the pungent odor with her. Pulling out her planner, Liz wrote down the assignment for homework. It had been three months since Luke had died, but to her it seemed like an eternity. Her hand crept up to her necklace again, warming the metal beneath her fingers. Liz couldn’t remember a day that Luke didn’t have the trinket on. She barely noticed the treasure after all these years. Lately, she wondered why the medallion had been so important to him. However, she couldn’t quite explain it but the necklace almost connected her to her deceased friend, and maybe even bonded her to herself. Shaking her head, Liz tried to concentrate on what her teacher was saying. Today felt like it was going to be a long one.

            The warm aromas of paint, canvases, and classroom became a haven for all who entered the art room. Being her escape, Elizabeth was surprised she had held out this long. Sitting down at her artwork, Liz got right down to work. Painting with the ease of breathing, Liz’s paintbrush took on a mind of it’s own. At the moment, she was painting a busy shopping center in the heart of India. Bursts of oranges, yellows, pinks, reds, and blues swarmed across the canvas, swaying together like a musicians song. Liz could almost smell the spices; feel the sun beating on her face, and the milky soft silks running through her fingers. Closing her eyes she let her mind focus on the sights, smells, and sounds of India. When she opened her eyes, her knees buckled and her heart started beating at the rate of a hummingbird’s wings. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. INDIA. Not her painting but the real deal! Liz started walking forward, confirming that she hadn’t completely lost her mind. Underneath a tree, a monk sat in the middle of his rug meditating. His eyes flew open and pierced her with his perceptive gaze. Gasping Liz turned around and fled. Not sure where she was going, she stopped by one of the stalls selling bangles and silk saris. Liz squeezed her eyes, groaning, willing herself back in to the art room. A soft wind blew, and then there was silence. The clank of brushes in little jars of water rattled in her ears like tiny hammers pounding her oncoming headache. Her eyes burst open to reveal the classroom. What just happened? Picking up her brush again, Liz attacked her painting with new passion. The real question was, did anyone notice that she was gone?

Snapping back, Zach rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Had Liz just traveled somewhere at the blink of an eye and at will? Zach had been watching Liz while she painted. Her graceful hand slid side-to-side mesmerizing Zach with her artistic talent. His gift not only followed her to an exotic land but watched her come back. The fact that he could follow her in his mind but not read Liz’s thoughts angered Zachary. Limitations were not his forte. At the sound of the bell, Zach leisurely walked down the halls anticipating Liz’s arrival around the corner. “Oops,” Zach apologized, “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s all right,” Liz replied, frazzled, “my mind is somewhere else at the moment.”

“I know all about that.” Zach volunteered adding a cheeky grin. At this, she turned an ashy gray color, shock coursing through her veins. Opening her mouth to respond, Liz’s voice caught in her throat. Sensing this, Zach propelled Liz toward the parking lot with a hand touching the small of her back. Preoccupied with her thoughts, Elizabeth let him lead her out the door and all the way up to his snazzy sports car.

“What?” Liz spoke as if in a daze.

“You’ve agreed to go out to lunch with me.” He said, smiling at his own quick wit.

“No,” she protested, “I’m not going anywhere with you.” Well, clearly she bounced back pretty quickly. Not to mention with some spunk. Zach cherished the moment in his greedy heart.

“Want to bet?”  Zach stated with a snarl. Before she could figure out what was happening, Zach picked Liz up and tossed her inside the car, ran to the other side, and gunned it out of the parking lot. At the sound of Liz’s screech, Zach prided himself in a hardy laugh.

She was being kidnapped. KIDNAPPED! After being shoved in the car she pulled on the door handle, which refused to budge. “Child safety locks… how efficient that they can only be opened from the outside,” Liz thought. “What a gentleman. Not. Think brain. Think!” Placing one hand on the dash and the other on her heart, Liz demanded, “Where are we going and why are you taking me?” Bitter silence was her only reply.

“Tell me how you did it,” Zach finally spoke.

“Did what? What are you talking about?” Liz responded in disbelief.

“You know perfectly well what I’m talking about. How did you disappear into another place like that?” Zach yelled over the whine of the motor.

“I don’t know. It just happened. I was painting a bizarre in India and I was there.” Liz raised her voice in frustration.

“Yes, I know but how? I followed you in my mind and I want to know how you willed yourself somewhere else?” Zach floored it, reaching a dangerous limit.

“Followed me in your mind?” Liz thought aloud. How is that even possible? Zach went on to explain his gift. He received his power when he turned thirteen; given the ability to track someone, see their location and what they are doing at that exact moment. Not only that, he could also see into peoples minds. Talk about crazy. “You can read my thoughts?” she demanded.

“No, for some reason I can’t look inside your mind.” Zach admitted. “I’ve always used my gift to get what I want. Right now, I want the secret to your ability.” Liz raised a hand to her necklace, praying that Zach, the maniac driver, wouldn’t kill her. Looking out the window, Liz refused to reply. Zach growled and turned a sharp left, tires squeaking and all. He had officially gone mad.

“Either that or Zach is high off of some kind of drug.” She thought. The corners of her mouth pulled up just slightly. Inhaling deeply, Liz closed her eyes and thought of home for a second. “Of course!” Liz practically jumped out of her seat. Keeping her eyes on Zach, Liz thought of home. Time seemed to flex, like a pebble dropping in to a pond of water. “It’s working!” She cried out. Not such a good idea, because Zach turned just as she disappeared like a vapor.

“I will find you!” Zach screamed. “And when I do, I’ll take you teleporting gift for myself!” So that’s what it was called. This disappearing act was teleportation. His voice echoed as she came fully inside her living room. Touching her necklace, Liz withdrew her hand with a hiss. It was burning hot! Revelation hit Elizabeth like a two-by-four. The medallion was the key to this magical gift. Questions buzzed inside her head. One thing Liz knew for sure: She would never be the same again.


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