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My Not-So-Annual Update

23 Jun

I’m working.

If you don’t even take the time to read my less-than-a-page-and-poor-excuse-for-a-newsletter pdf file, then I can tell you that I am working. A lot. I was working all the time before, but I’m now working in a career. A career that I love. One that I didn’t even start thinking about until the reality of finishing my degree was projected to take three times longer than it should. I found myself in my own country and with family, but suddenly … out of my element… confused by MY culture… in unfamiliar surroundings… wondering what I was even doing anymore. I have been on a journey of questioning everything, mourning when necessary, and fighting to remember what was so important about this life I’m living. I don’t have it all figured out, but I know that right now I wake up every morning, do the work in front of me, and wait. I’m waiting for that moment when my whole life seems to shift and change at the sound of a…still…small…voice…


Nothing is as it was before, and for now my days all look the same. It might sound a bit strange, but you know what, Beloved?

I am alive. I still have purpose.

And so do you.

Until we meet here again,


Newsletter June 2015